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At the time when the school passing through its most critical phase, Mr. R. I. Thornton was given charge. Eyebrows were raised and apprehensions barely concealed for none could comprehend how the lot fell on such a young, different and unassuming man to take control. Possibly this was the most ignoble chapter in the history of Westcott: Strong undercurrents were fire amongst staff members and students were surly and openly antagonistic. Amidst this chaos Mr. Thornton maintained an unperturbed demeanor and chose to focus his attention on positive measures. It was this attitude that won him the governing body’s approval and he was confirmed in the post Principal in June 1982.

Turbulence had ceased only at the surface level and the task of ‘manning the controls’ was a formidable one. For one so young and gentle in his ways Mr. Thornton showed tremendous forbearance. A relapse is always distressing and opened up problems galore. Slowly, very slowly the tremors faded away and conditions stabilized. No date, month or year can be started as to when this stability was restored but it heralded the dawn of a new era in B.W.B.S Imperceptibly the perspective had widened and the approach and outlook become modern.
With the consent and blessings of the governing Body a co-educational Plus II Section (Science) was opened in

August 1983. Out of 23 students 6 were girls, the first to step into the male dominated campus. Additions were made to the faculty to teach in this new section. It started on a healthy note and give a fillip to the school attracting boys as well as girls from other other schools in Ranchi and outside.

The school’s academic performance had suffered a major set back during the period of crisis. With the exception of a few boys who managed to secure high percentage, on an average the I.C.S.E results tended to be mediocre. In this sphere again the charge was gradual; the re-vitalization of the system was initiated and allowed to take its course. Extra-curricular activities, which had always been an integral part of the curriculum, were given more importance. Whether on stage or on the game field, in school or outside the boys were encouraged to participate whole-heartedly. Some of the activities in the school were Science Exhibition-cum-handwork display, Quiz Competition, Math’s Olympiad and Inter-house Fairy tale competition.

June 1984 the tuition fee was raised from Rs.60/-p.m. and to Rs.65/-p.m and charged for 12 months, the boarding fee also increased from Rs.240/-p.m to Rs270/-p.m. The work of repairs, renovation and extension had to be undertaken. More class rooms were needed as sections of each class increasing. The school was moving towards its Diamond Jubilee, it was therefore essential to move with the times and hold its own in every sphere.

1987-the school came into its sixtieth year. After the terrible storm it had weathered there was a deep sense of achievement and the morale was high. The Diamond Jubilee called for hearty celebrations. As per tradition the celebrations commenced with a thanksgiving service which was followed by festivities which continued for five days in succession. A spirit of camaraderie had pervaded the school and it was like carnival time in Westcott. During this year Mr. Thornton was sanctioned leave to pursue further studies. In Sept’1987 the school bid ”adieu!“ to Mr. Thornton who left for England for 10 months. Mr. R.B. Barnes was called to officiate as acting Principal. He knew well the customs and traditions of the school because of his former association with it. An inherently innovative man he took his responsibility seriously and fulfilled it with aplomb. September 1988 Mr. Thornton was warmly welcomed back into the Westcott family. On his return Mr.Barnes was designated Vice-Principal. His trip to England had reinvigorated him and he was brimming with ideas for further improvement and expansion of the school. A proposal was set forth for the construction of a new block which would house a kitchen, dining hall, conference room. A hall for cultural activities, the hostel as well as quarter for residential staff. The idea was to plan and prepare ahead to accommodate a large number of students to shift the entire hostel into the new block and all classes – juniors, intermediate, senior – on different floors of the old building. It was a major project and time as well as resources were required before it could be executed.

By 1990 the total strength had touched 1608 out of which 1164 were dayscholars. While dayscholars came from all parts of the town there were boarders from different part of the country. The school had already acquired eight buses. Within a decade (since 1080) the school had shifted into a different gear. The work done in the classrooms and the cultural activities reflected this change. There was a change in the number and pattern of Examinations. The coordinator system was introduced. The marking scheme also was changed to give a wide margin to the students. Teachers were encouraged to plan out their lessons for a better output. Conforming to the Government rules, corporal punishment was done away with. Any act of indiscipline was dealt firmly by the teacher concerned or handed over to the Discipline Committee. The inclusion of computers as a subject was a significant step. It started in a small way but in time the school was able to set up a proper Computer Laboratory (in 1988).

The foundation of the new block was laid in 1993. In the meantime the old building was renovated, more quarters for staff and servants were constructer and a number of necessary extensions were made. Within a short span the Audio-Visual centre, the canteen, the Gymnasium were set up and opened for the students. On 8th May’1996 the ground floor of the new block was inaugurated.

Concerted effort has been made to impart education in an environment that is conducive as well as in keeping with the changing times. In and out of the classrooms the aim is to educate the student to face life with honesty and courage and inculcate values in them that will make them worthy citizens of the world. For an integrated developments of the students co-operation and interaction are vital and as a means to achieve greater interaction Parent Teacher Meetings are held at intervals in the course of an academic session.

Campfire, Christmas, Cantata, Annual sports, Prize Day are the main functions of the school which are smoothly conducted and well attached by parents and other guests. Besides, innumerable other inter-house, inter-class competitions are held internally. Principal’s Day and Teacher’s Day functions are entirely managed by the captain with the Perfects assisting him. Mediocrity has given way to excellence and in the recent past we have had students scoring above 90 percent in the I.C.S.E Examination. In the field of games and sports our students have always won laurels; in Nov’2001 in the Chotanagpur Diocesan Cultural and Athletic meet our school won the Championship in Athletic and the second place in the cultural show.

Since its establishment the school has grown and blossomed and acquired a new complexion; practically every part of it has had a face lift and yet not an iota of its old charm has decreased. Credit must be accorded to the Principal for lifting the school out of its austere surroundings into an environment that appeal to one’s aesthetic sense and is at the same time practical.

In seventh-five long year Bishop Westcott Boys’ has gained good repute and risen to prominence. The vicissitudes it has faced have only served to strengthen and fortify it. Today in its seventy-fifth year it has already marched triumphantly into the third millennium, a new sprit has developed which has enthused higher hopes for greater improvements and triumphs in the years to come. From 1927 to2002 the school has steadfastly followed the words of the school Song:

“Never give in Dear Westcott Strive to the set of the Sun…..”
This year (2002) as the school celebrates its Platinum Jubilee its motto “Non Nascor Mihi Solum” (Live not for self alone) is reemphasized and the vision that it envisages is re-pledged- to impart meaningful education and prepare citizens with the values who will make the society, the country and the world a better place.





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