Origins & History


The School was founded in 1927 and so it has had its shares of joys sorrows and as all institutions do come out of these situations stronger and more fortified to deal with  the situations that may arise from time to time.

Times have changed and so we must move with the times keeping in mind the requirements and needs of the hour.

Education in this Hi - Tech age seems to be losing its values and seems to be concentrating on the mundane things that life has to offer. Education as it must be stressed is concerned with learning and we must bear in mind that its scope is universal. It is meant to broaden the outlook of the students so as to embrace the whole universe. It should be used as a means to strengthen the bouts of unity in the world based on the universal and eternal values like truth, love, compassion and most importantly SERVICE, that is service of HUMANITY. The very aim of education should be used for the development of character, stimulation of interest and maintaining of one's mental  vision. These are the essential values which education should inculcate. We are reminded here of the biblical saying that 'Man lives not only by bread alone'. The realization of inner divinity in every manifestation and the essential utility that exists in nature despite all its diversity should be basis of education which in turn will bring out unity in thought and truthfulness in action.

As such education must prepare one to face life with honesty and courage, two very important components. It must help one as an individual to one's utmost potential and at the same time it must enable one to see one's self as a member of the society and interact in a creative way with the challenge thrown up by the society. So we see that it is essential to strike a balance between the aspiration of the individual and the demands strike a balance between the aspiration of the individual and the demands of the society. As atmospheric pollution is dangerous so is mental pollution but just as it has been realized that an effort must be made to protect, preserve and enrich the natural environment so the dangers arising out of mental pollution must also be protected. Quote- Swami Vivekananda where he said that "The Education which does not help the common mass of the people to equip themselves for the struggles of life, which does not bring out strength of character, spirit of philanthropy and the courage of a lion - is it worth its name? Real education is that which enables one to stand on one's own legs not only in terms of materialistic needs but by spiritual and human needs also. A combination of these two, will be beneficial to mankind. So we should strive to evolve sound education. The progress of Science and Technology is such that there is no alternative to peace because a war by Nuclear arms will annihilate the whole of humanity. Hence the importance of value oriented education needs no special emphasis but is rather a necessity and the rivalries arising out of anger, greed, jealousy and hatred must be replaced by love, respect, tolerance and service. Wars are fought basically in the minds of men and therefore defence of peace must also be built in the minds of men. The means to do this can be provided by education.

The right kind of victories in the struggle to achieve peace are more glorious and abiding than victories obtained on the battle field.

 This simple truth must be engraved in the human mind, through education at all levels.

So my message to all is to give serious thought to these eternal values so that we may achieve lasting peace and fulfillment regardless of our caste, creeds or status.  

As we enter the 9th year of our inception as a new state of Jharkhand let our ideas and hard work be the guiding principles of all that we wish to achieve. Let this be the guiding force behind our pupils so that they may be installed with the virtues of wisdom, honesty, intelligence and uprightness so that through our work we may bring success, fulfillment and peace, not only to our state but also to our nation and its people.

Also as we marched towards our centenary may our Westcottian family grow in wisdom and strength, for if we are to remain relevant and meaningful in our service to our students and the generations of Westcottians to come we must imbibe in them that the qualities of and intellectual honesty are more valuable than mere achievement or momentary and fleeting success. These are the qualities which will be the inherent strength of the school and the only guarantee to its survival in this competitive THIRD MILLENNIUM.

I know that we will not only cherish these qualities but also preserve and strengthen this sure foundation which has been the wealth of our heritage passed down to us by the committed leadership of generations of involved teachers and countless of Westcottians who have lived up to our School Motto - 'NON NASCOR MIHI SOLUM' - LIVE NOT FOR SELF ALONE.

May God bless our Westcott family and let it be a guiding light to all men in this firmament.





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